Youth Club

The Youth Club (Youth Centre) is a hotspot for young people. The Club is located in a two storey building, with four offices and a self service open cafe bar with television. Sometimes, the Centre is visited by older villagers as well, who come here to relax, watch TV or enjoy some good conversations.

The Youth Club belongs to the Cultural Association of Krioneri. The Association shares the offices with the President of Krioneri and the Olive Oil Cooperative.  

There are many important activities that take place in the Youth Club:

“Tandem” Language Exchange Lessons
Each year, the organisation Filoxenia hosts volunteers from various countries like Germany, Austria, Spain, etc. for rural development and cultural exchange, among other activities. The volunteers actively take part in coordinating projects and events for the local youth, such as scavenger hunts, movie nights or arts & craft evenings.
But another very important activity they are providding are the so-called “Tandem” language exchange lessons. The volunteers meet up with local teenagers, not only to help them practice their English skills, but also to exchange vocabulary in Greek and another foreign language. The goal of the Tandem lessons is not to create a scholar athmosphere, but to provide a fun space to play games or talk about day-to-day life, hobbies and cultural differences.

Meetings of the Cultural Association

The Youth Club is a meeting point for the Cultural Association, for the exchange of information, planning and decisions for future events. Part of the numerous events organised by the Association throughout the year, such as film screenings, lectures, workshops, youth activities etc. take place in this building. One of the most important actions of the Association, the Blood Donation, takes place here.

Historical Archive
The office downstairs contains one of the most important establishments of the village; the Historical Archive. There are numerous folders that are filled with crucial and detailed information to document Kryoneris history from about 100 years ago until now.

The Building

The Youth Club was built in 1959 and in 1997 the second floor was added by the Cultural Association.
Before the Youth Center was built, there used to be a school building in its place. A memorial sign now reminds of the facility that was built in 1886 by the mayor Krokidas and sponsored by the former Ministry of Agriculture. There is also a street sign that is reminiscent of Mrs. Adamopoulou, a former female minister for agriculture, who was involved in raising money for educational purposes.

The outside of the building
The outside of the Youth Center is decorated with handmade mosaik works that were made by volunteers and signs that represent sponsors, partners and historical information about the building.

The main room of the ground floor features the lecture hall, including a big screen projector for presentations, a television, a bar and multiple seating facilities. In the area of the main entrance, there is also another office room that contains the Historical Archive of Kryoneri and the main workspace of the village’s President. It can also be used as a small meeting room.

President of Krioneri: Kostas Raftopoulos

Second Floor

On the second floor is the office of the Cultural Association. There are several workspaces, mostly used by the Local Associations and the volunteer workers. Here is also where the “Tandem” Language Exchange Lessons take place and the local library is located here, as well.

Pictures of the volunteers repainting the outside stairs of the youth center.

Construction of the Youth Club of Kryoneri
Actions of the Youth Club
Invitations for Events at the Youth Club