Historical Archive

The Historical Archive of Kryoneri, located in the downstairs office of the local Youth Club, is a place where information that document the village’s history of the past centuries can be found.

It contains material of the Community of Kryoneri (Matsanios), such as protocols of the community council, etc. from 1910 until 1998. It also illustrates the merger process of the Community of Kryoneri to the Municipality of Sikyonia by the law “Kapodistrias”.

The archive is being curated by George V. Nikolaou, Professor of Modern History at the University of Ioannina, assisted by European volunteers of the Filoxenia Association, who accomplish their service throughout the year in Kryoneri, digitalizing the material of the archive.

Local Council of Kryoneri

Chairman: Raftopoulos Konstantinos
Council Members: Karatzas Anastasios, Theodorou Andreas, Tzitzikos Dimitris, MylonasPanagiotis