FILOXENIA Association

General information

The association FILOXENIA, Intercultural-Environmental Organisation was founded in 2014 from the fusion of two non-governmental organisations: Filoxenia Youth Support Organisation and Corinthian Environmental Movement. Both organisations decided to put together many years of experience, mainly in the intercultural and environmental sector, to raise awareness and support for young people and the society in those areas.

The Filoxenia Youth Support Organisation 

The Filoxenia Youth Support Organisation was founded in 1995 and two years later, in 1997, it opened the first Youth Information Centre in Greece, in the rural community of Kryoneri, in the Corinthian upperland. During its 20-years history, it welcomed the first young volunteer in Greece in 1997, in the frame of the European Programme “Youth” and participated in numerous activities, European and national programmes and youth trainings, offering know-how transfer and support to youth structures in Greece, such as the Youth County Council and the Youth Centre of Corinthia. Filoxenia also participated actively in major international networks of youth organisations (PLATFORM, ENYC, ECOCITIZENS, etc.).

The Corinthian Environmental Movement

The Corinthian Environmental Movement was a regional environmental organisation and has completed ten years of activity, with important contributions to ecological issues, particularly for the protection of the Corinthian Gulf and the rivers of Corinthia, with active participation and co-operation at regional, national and international networks of environmental organisations (ALKYON, PANDOIKO, GREENPEACE).

Chairman of the Board: Athanasouli Renatina
Secretary General: George Palamaris
Board Member: Alexandros Suvatzis

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