Prophet Elias Church Hiking Trail

General information

Prophet Elias church

This trail partially overlaps with the Lechova Monastery hiking trail. But the destination is the Prophet Elias church which offers a fantastic view. You can even take a look from above at the construction site where a dam is being built. This gets built so that the farmers have enough water to irrigate the fields.

The first part of the trail is the Karamanos hiking trail but you turn right just before the cave. The next section is the same as the one to the Lechova Μonastery. At the end of the first stretch, when you come to a gravel road along a vineyard, you must take the first road on the left. In this section you have a very nice view over the valley and you have the destination right in front of your eyes. This way leads to the street, which you can also take as a way back. The hiking trail leads a few meters along the street, then the trail turns right and runs up to the Prophet Elias Church. On top of the hill you have an incredible view over the Gulf of Corinth and the beatiful landscape with mountains in the background.

Komoot route: Karamanos hiking trail

Komoot route: Cave to Prophet Elias church

Komoot route: Prophet Elias church to Amphitheatre

  • Distance: 10.7km
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking gear: walking boots or hiking sandals, water bottle, a hat, trekking poles (if you need extra support)
  • Attractions: Amphitheatre, Karamnos cave, Prophet Elias church, view over the valley, view on the dam