Corinthian raisins

Κορινθιακές σταφίδες

“Black gold”… That’s what they used to call them in Greece. Not only because they were once the number one export commodity, but also because the people of the time understood their beneficial nutrients and included them in their diet.In the 19th century black raisins accounted for 90% of Greece’s exports in Europe. Raisins were …

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Irrigation cooperative “I Proodos”

The irrigation cooperative “I Proodos” (meaning: The Progress) is responsible for the water supply of the region. Since its founding in 2001, it has been providing the local fields with the needed irrigation to grow the regional products, such as olives, wine grapes, various kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are not only supporting their …

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Olive Oil Co-operative of Kryoneri

The Olive Oil Co-operative of Kryoneri established around 1970 with the purpose to serve the village’s olive farmers. The annual olive production is about 320,000 tones, harvested from more than 55,000 thousand trees. The olive orchards of the village are located at an altitude of 500-600 meters.

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