Karamanos Cave to Lechova Monastery

General information

The trail starts at the Karamanos Cave and goes back 150 meters on the same way that leads to the cave and then turns left at a fork in the road. The path leads to a plateau and from there through a slightly scrubby section back to the road. There is a red hydrant on the right side of the trail. At this point the trail continues on the gravel road, along the vineyard and then turns right. After the turn, the path to the Lechova monastery goes straight for a long time and leads to a fountain. About halfway there is a fork in the road on the left. If you go up the path to the right handside you will come to a litte church. From there you have an outstanding view of Corinth, perhaps the best. The special thing about the region around Lechova monastery is that it is shaped like a bowl, creating climatic conditions where fir trees grow on the same level as grapes. If you arrived at the fountain you can already see the entrance gate of the Lechova Monastery and the distance from there is about 200 meters. The monastery has no fixed opening hours, but usually it is open during the day and you can go in as a visitor.

Komoot route: Main Hiking Trail

Komoot route: Little Church

  • Distance: 2,67 km (+ 0,5 km to the church)
  • Duration: 36 min
  • Difficulty: medium at the beginning to easy at the end
  • Hiking gear: walking boots or hiking sandals, water bottle, a hat, trekking poles (if you need extra support)
  • Attractions: Lechova Monastery, karamanos cave, (The Our Lady in Rapsomati Church)