Junction to Hostel Elisson

General information

This short hiking trail can be seen as a shortcut to get from the Junction to the Hostel Elisson. It partially overlaps with the Elisson River hiking trail which means that it leads through Kryoneri’s stunning nature.

From the Junction you walk about 250 meters along the Elisson river. From there, a hiking trail leads over meadows past a sheperds cave directly to the hostel. This trail was originally used as a shepherds path, who have tended their sheeps at the meadows close to the river. Thereby they sat in the cave, which is located a few meters lower than the Hostel Elisson. Here you can sit in the shade and listen to the river. But keep in mind that last stretch from the cave up to the Hostel are a bit difficult to walk, because the stairs can be a bit muddy.

Komoot route

  • Distance: 550 meters
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking gear: walking boots, waterproof hiking shoes, trekking poles (if you need extra support)
  • Attractions: Junction, Shepperds cave, Elisson river