Lower Fountain

The Lower Fountain (Kato Vrisi) of the village is located down on the Elisson River Hiking Trail / Natural Footpath. In former times it used to supply the village with water, just like the Upper Fountain did.

Upper fountain

The upper fountain (“Pano Vrisi”) has been the central place of water supply for the village. Both, lower and upper fountain are connected to the local well and have been supplying the inhabitants of Kryoneri with clear water, even before the local pipelines have been established in the year 1962. Both were built in the …

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Kryoneri Schools

The Primary School of Kryoneri, Corinth, was founded in 1885 and from time to time was housed in various buildings in the village. The original school was erected in 1925, of stone materials, having 3 classrooms, 1 teachers’ office and 1 basement.

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Children’s playground

The new playground was built in the year 2021, replacing the old one. The Sikyonion municipality has replaced the infrastructure for all playgrounds in the area.


The Kryoneri amphiteatre was built in ____, by ______ and is used for cultural outdoor activities. Every year, during the Cultural Week, artists are invited in Kryoneri to perform for the entire village community.

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Youth Club

The Youth Club (Youth Centre) is a hotspot for young people. The Club is located in a two storey building, with four offices, a library and a self service open cafe bar with television. Sometimes, the Centre is visited by older villagers as well, who come here to relax, watch TV or enjoy some good conversations.

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Multicentre (Polykentro)

The Kryoneri Multicentre is housed in the Community Square, a building that belongs to the Municipality of Sikyonia. The building has been granted in 2013 to the Cultural & Educational Association of Youth Kryoneri, to be used for “Cultural, sports, educational environmental activities, as well as social protection and solidarity activities”, for a period of five years.

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The Kryoneri Library can be found in the Youth Centre and hosts a number of ____ books, from different fields (beletristica, history, encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs etc.) Any person from the village can borrow books, with the obligation to return them within one month in good condition.

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The Kindergarten of Kryoneri was built in 2008. Before that, a part of the local Elementary School had been functioning as a Kindergarten. Over 30 children go there, not only from Kryoneri, but also from the surrounding villages, like Paradisi, Titani, Brosika, Souli or Gonoussa. The wall paintings were created by former EVS volunteers, who …

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Kryoneri Astronomical Observatory

The Astronomic station of Kryoneri was established in 1972 at an altitude of 1,000 meters, on top of mount Kyllini, covering a surface of ​​65 acres (later expanded to 105 acres). The Station is located in the Corinth District, northern Peloponnese, only 22 kilometers away from the nearest town, Kiato. The Station has a 1.2 m Cassegrain reflector telescope, installed in 1975, which is currently one of the largest telescopes in Greece and in the Balkans.

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Secondary school (Gymnasium)

The Kryoneri Gymnasium was inaugurated in 1964 and was housed in the same place as the 1926 Elementary School. It had an afternoon shift program, with lessons of 2-3 hours a day, for 80 to 130 students.

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