Multicentre (Polykentro)

General Information

The Kryoneri Multicentre is housed in the Community Square, a building that belongs to the Municipality of Sikyonia. The building has been granted in 2013 to the Cultural & Educational Association of Youth Kryoneri, to be used for “Cultural, sports, educational environmental activities, as well as social protection and solidarity activities”, for a period of five years. The program was facilited by the European LEADER + Program.

The “Kryoneri Multicenter” Project received 31,900 EUR in financing for purchasing the necessary equipment, through the Northern Peloponnese Development Company. The application for funding was submitted by the Cultural Association of Kryoneri Youth, in close cooperation and with the support of all 8 institutions of Kryoneri. The project started in November 2013 and was finalized in June 2015.

Who can use the Multicentre?

The title “Multicentre” or “Polycentre implies a multi-purpose space, that can be used by all citizens of the rural community of Kryoneri, regardless of their age. The Polycentre is primarily a place of meeting and cultural expression, which aims to cultivate and nurture the aesthetics of the public and to uphold solidarity, peace and love for humanitarian values.

The Multicentre has a Coordinating Committee of 11 members, who decide on all the issues related to the Multicentre’s operations. The Committee was established by a decision of the Boards of Directors (B.O.D) of all 8 public bodies of Kryoneri, including the Local Council. The B.O.D has the responsibility of appointing the Committee members. The Cultural Youth Association has been granted the right to have 3 representatives in the Committee.

Any person or organisation who wishes to use the Multicentre, need to submit an application to the chairman of the Coordinating Committee. First, the Committee analyses if the proposed activities fit the purpose of the space and then, it ensures that the Polycentre is prepared in a timely manner for the respective events. The applicant can also use the space for rehearsals, within a given timeframe. The local authorities of Kryoneri are given priority in using the space, but the cultural associations or educational institutions also host events.

What activities can be organised at the Multicentre?

It hosts, as a matter of priority, cultural, educational, informational and entertainment events. The Multicentre aims to become a pole of attraction, not only for the residents of Kryoneri, but also for the general public in neighbouring areas.

The activities that have already been developed in the area are:

  • Traditional and folk dances, organised by the Cultural Association of Youth of Kryoneri
  • The Choir “Friends of Tradition” of the ecclesiastical parish of “Agia Triada”, Kryoneri
  • Movie screenings
  • Educational events
  • National anniversary events
  • Meetings of public bodies
  • Cultural workshops
  • Music events
  • Skits and other events for children and adults
  • Karate classes
  • Ping pong games
  • European youth cultural and educational meetings
  • Art workshops for children and other youth

At the moment, a second floor is being built on the polykentro. There will be built a library, another conference room for seminars and an office aswell. The view from the new outdoor terrace is very beautiful!