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General information

The cultural association of Kryoneri, Korinthias was established in 1985 by a group of young people from the village, originally called Cultural Youth Association. It serves a broad abundance of purposes, like preservation and distribution of traditions and cultural inheritance, but it also makes an important contribution to the increase of the local levels of education and cultural engagement. The cultural association also deals with issues such as the protection of environment and nature, multiple freedom activities, expansion of sports and the general improvement of general living conditions among the inhabitants of Kryoneri. The association consists of 140 registered members aged 14 to 50. The headquarters of the association is in the Youth Club (Leschi), located in the centre of the village. The building was built in 1959, then renovated in the year 1997 and now the Centre has a lecture hall for culture and free time activities, a cafe and a small library. It provides electronical facilities, like multiple computers, accessability to the internet via WiFi and a broad collection of books that can be rented from there. 

The current President of the Cultural Association is Christos Panagou.
The Board members are: Athanasia Anagnostopoulou, Athanasia Theodorou, Panagiotis Panagou and Vasilis Anagnostopoulos

Contact Information: 

  • Krioneri Korinthias, 20200
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The main activities of the Youth Club are summarised below:

?? Traditional Greek dances

The dance lessons started in 1993, with only two sections of dancers. By now, they have evolved into six different dance groups in total. The groups consist of men and women, members of the club, as well as youngsters in primary and secondary school or kindergarten.

During the summer, the dance groups participate in numerous cultural events in the region of Corinthia, promoting their work through cultural exchanges, as well as performing outside the region, all over Greece, in places like Athens, Samos etc. But they also take part in competitions in foreign countries like Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Serbia or Italy.

The participation of a dance squad of the association in the 2004 Olympiad of Athens was a unique experience.

? Cultural events

The Kryoneri Cultural Week is organised every summer, taking place in the last ten days of July. During the week, people are invited to attend numerous cultural events,including theater & music performances, evening events for kids (with Clowns, Karagiozis, etc.), movies and the annual dance festival. On this ocassion, dancers from all over Greece and foreign countries visit and take part in the festival.

The cultural association organizes events like lectures, filming project promotions and concerts, that sometimes even involve big names throughout the Greek music scene like Papazoglou, Sokrates Malamas, Pyx Lax, Yannis Kotsiras, the Dimitris Basis, Manolis Lidakis, Eleni Tsaligopoulou and others. Like this, with a row of concerts that took place at the Observatory of Krioneri, the money for the Youth Club’s renovation could be raised.

Pill Health & Blood donation campaigns

Since 1999, the Association organises blood donations campaigns twice per year. Every time, the event gathers more than 50 donors, members or friends of the Asssociation. Throughout the year, are also organised many informative and educational seminars on health, nutrition and local agriculture.

⚽️   Leisure and sport activities

The young people often gather at the Youth Club to take part in leisure activities, but they can also take part in activities oragnized by the Cultural Association, like lessons of Shotokan-Karate, dancing or gymnastics lessons.

We strongly believe that the Youth Club is a driving force for engaging in cultural activities and exchanges, with many benefits for the whole local community.

President of the Board of Directors
Vice-President: Theodorou Athanasia
General Secretary: anagnostopoulou Athanasia
Financial Manager: Panagou Panagiotis
Board Member: Anagnostopoulos Vassilis

Construction of Youth Club of Kryoneri

Trip to Italy in 2000 from Youth Club of Kryoneri

Invitations for events of the Youth Club

Actions of the Youth Club