Mongustos Trail

General information

The Mongustos trail is by far the longest trail and leads through the Mongustos Forest. At the end you arrive at a viewing platform from where you have a fantastic view over the Gulf of Corinth, Xylokastro and to Trikala.

You will be walking for several hours and should therefore definitely have food, drinks and suitable clothing with you.

Komoot route

  • Distance: 19 km
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking gear: walking boots or hiking sandals, water bottle, a hat, trekking poles (if you need extra support)
  • Attractions: Amphitheatre, Observatory, Mongustos Forest, panoramic view

The trail leads into the vineyards in the northwest of Kryoneri, in the direction of the observatory, which it passes nearby. After about 5 kilometres, you will come to a major road that you have to cross and from there you can follow the path for another 5 kilometres through the Mongustos Forest. Just before the incredible panoramic view at the end, the path turns left again. In general the Mongustos trail is by far the longest trail, because you have to walk back the same path again. Furthermore, it is not as varied in relation to other hiking trails, but has an amazing panoramic view at the end!