Karamanos cave

General information

The Karamanos Cave is one of the many caves in the area, which was used from ancient times by shepherds until the 1960s. It served mainly as a winter shelter to protect flocks of sheep and goats from the harsh weather. The cave has a diameter of 10 meters and overlooks to the west. On the opposite side of the valley, lies another cave, called The Cave of Tzakaras.

The roof of the cave has samples of stalactites, as well as smoke traces from the fire lit by the shepherds. In this cave, the Jewish family Kamhi hid from the raids of the German army during the Occupation from 1941-1944 in Kryoneri. Later on, the Jewish Kamhi family from Athens, also took shelter in the village for a year between 1943-1944. The persecuted hid out and remained in the cave for a few days until the Germans departed.