Irrigation cooperative “I Proodos”

The irrigation cooperative “I Proodos” (meaning: The Progress) is responsible for the water supply of the region. Since its founding in 2001, it has been providing the local fields with the needed irrigation to grow the regional products, such as olives, wine grapes, various kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are not only supporting their 42 members, but also the general population in terms of access to drinking water. With the power of electricity, 60 to 90m³ of water per hour is being extracted from the well “Kanavi”. From there, a 6km network of pipelines reaches approximately 200m³ of fields. “I Proodos” is being funded by its members and the Peloponnese region, that supplies them with the needed material like new pipelines.

President: Konstantinos Giannakainas
Vice-President: Andreas Theodorou
Secretary General: Panagiotis Dimou
Financial manager: Ioannis Raftopoulos
Board Member: Kon/nos Papathanasiou