Elisson River Trail

General information

This path descends to Kato Vrisi, a traditional 18th century fountain, located in the valley of the river Elissonas, which originates from Kryoneri  and flows into the Corinthian Gulf in the town of Kiatos. The river is known since antiquity, flowing southeast in the middle of the village. The  path offers amphitheatrical views of the village and panoramic views of the green valley of Elisson. Guests can enjoy a beautiful natural  landscape with lush vegetation and towering century-old plane trees.

The Elisson River Trail leads along the beautiful Elisson river below the Hostel. If you walk along behind the church and pass a house below the road, you are just right. Here you will see the Lower Fountain at the beginnig of the trail. When you get down to the Elisson river the nature is really impressive and looks like on a different planet. You have to cross the river a few times and sometimes you have to be a bit careful to not fall into it. So thats why waterproof boots are very helpful. The Elisson River trail ends when you reach the Junction, where the Elisson river and the Lechova river meet. Its defenitly worth to go this hiking trail. Big recommendation!

This trail can be perfectly combined with one of the Junction hiking trails or with the Pirona hiking trail.

If you want to read about how this footpath was created, vist this article: Footpath “Κάτω Βρύση”.

Komoot route

  • Distance: 1.37
  • Duration: 21 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking gear: Hiking boots (waterproof)
  • Attractions: Elisson River (very beatiful nature), Junction, Trinity church, Amphitheatre
Lower Fountain