Kryoneri has 7 Orthodox churches and monasteries where locals gather on Sundays and other holidays for prayer.

TheHoly TrinityChurch is a stone basilica built in the late 19th century, which stands out through its beautiful marble temple built by Tiniac artisans. Today, the Holy Trinity is is the village’s main church.

The Lechova monastery is a Byzantine monument from the 11th century, located 5 kilometres away from the village. Surrounded by lush natural vegetation (mainly pine), in an idyllic scenery, the Monastery offers a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Corinth.

TheVirgin Mary Church is one of the oldest churches in the village and also has a cemetery.

TheOur Lady in Rapsomati Church is located near the Kryoneri observatory and was probably the main church of the village.

TheSaint Constantinos” Church

TheSaint Athanasius” Church

TheSaint GeorgeChurch