Carnival in Kryoneri


Hi guys, my name is Ercan YILDIZ and I am a volunteer in Greece for 6 months, in Kryoneri \ Korinthos. I came here 45 days ago, keen to learn more about Greek culture and history. Last week, I attended a big carnival, during which people painted their faces and clothes, in celebration. I think such events are very important, as they create long lasting bonds of friendship between people. 

Hi everyone, I am Jana from Slovakia! I attended this years’ Carnival with lots of people from the village. They were dancing and listening to various genres of music, wearing costumes and having lots of fun! In Slovakia I haven´t yet seen a carnival like this. I am glad I could take part in it!

I am Arzu, I am a volunteer in Kryoneri. The Carnival highlights the unique culture of this village, bringing a lot of joy in people’s lives for many years. During the carnival, people dressed up in various costumes, men wore women’s clothes, and women wore men’s clothes, etc. This was one of the best experiences I had here! This carnival doesn’t have a gender, age, ethnicity, it is a carnival for all people!

We are three students from Finland, doing seven weeks volunteering in Kryoneri. The Carnival here was different than anything we have ever seem in Finland. It was nice to participate and see a local celebration. The whole village joined the carnival and they seemed to be having lots of fun. The costumes were colourful and the procession was loud and happy. People were dancing everywhere and the music travelled with the procession. What a great experience!