Saint George and Apagoremeno Hiking Trail

General information

The starting point of this trail is at the Amphitheatre and from there it runs through the village past the school of the village and into the vineyards northeast of Kryoneri. At the end of the paved road you will reach the Church of Saint George. From there you have a phenomenal view over the Gulf of Corinth and the gorge lying at the foot of the mountain. From the church, you can walk back a few meters and then turn right onto a dirt road. This leads to another church, the “Our lady in Rapsomaty” church and you can recognize it by the lack of steps towards the street. Passing it on the right, you enter the vineyards again and there you have to pay a little closer attention to the path, as some smaller paths are access ways to the vineyards. There the path goes west into the vineyards and then makes a detour to the south, where it ends at the Apagoremeno hiking trail.

Komoot route

  • Distance: 4,65 km
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Hiking gear: Water bottle, a hat, hiking shoes, trekking poles (if you need extra support)
  • Attractions: The Church of Saint George, The Little Church in Kryoneri and the vineyards


these pictures were taken in january when the farmers already start to cut the thin branches from the vines. They do it every year at this time, which shows that the work of a farmer is a job that occupies them all year round.